UIS Baseball Team Camp

Team camps are a great way for our coaching staff to actually interact with teams and instruct players while they are here playing games at our facility. This is a great change of pace from the traditional “big weekend travel tournaments” because you are guaranteed to have college coaches at your games as well as the added value of a true pregame mini showcase that includes on field batting practice, 60 yard dash and pregame in & out all ran by the UIS baseball coaching staff. These events are open to other college coaches to attend and recruit.

June 1st - July 31st, 2019
Ages: 14 - 18
Cost: $400 per team;
$125 per team for additional games

Location: UIS Campus

For confirmation of dates contact coach Petzoldt (573) 225.0070 to check availability of date and age group.

Format: The structure of these events can vary upon coaches request and preferences.

The standard 1-Day, three team structure looks like this:

9:00 On field Batting Practice, 60 Yard Dash, Pregame In & Out
10:30 Game: Team 1 vs. Team 2
1:00 Game: Team 1 vs. Team 3
3:30 Game: Team 2 vs. Team 3

Additional games can be added the next day upon request.

* Coaches please email Coach Petzoldt a Roster and the contact information for each of your players and or parents so that we can send them medical waiver form. (lpetz2@uis.edu)

* Questions call Coach Petzoldt at 573.225.0070

* Games will be umpired by UIS personnel from behind the mound